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Alone door subtle move has chaffy dish suddenly not fat
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A lot of people love to have chaffy dish, be careful to eat oneself into fatso however, especially schoolgirl, can flinch only to delicate chaffy dish. So how to reduce weight to have chaffy dish?

The expert has 3 court:

Above all, satiate can, not gluttonous: Although the quantity of heat of chaffy dish is more general deepfry, panbroil, heat is fried low still, but eat much easy excessive, incur put on weight easily.

Next, choose fresh food as far as possible, taste less with treatment. Be like: Dumpling kind reach bolus kind grease and saline share are high, should decrease absorb.

The 3rd, flavoring is given priority to with low oil, low salt. If notice 1840 calories to the quantity of heat of boiler bottom is like hemp hot pot, boiler of rinse of day type rinse 300 calories, and the principle on in order to of be apt to, sure and OK the chaffy dish season that overshoots one does not have a burden.

Nevertheless, had not opened the pre-construction that before eating, returns so that do delicious chaffy dish in you.

Smaller part cup is drunk first before had better eating fresh fruit juice, eat vegetable then, it is the flesh next. Such, ability is OK and reasonable use alimental nutrition, reduce gastric bowel burden, achieve the goal of healthy diet.

A right choice is when the following kinds of beverage are having chaffy dish:

Carbonic acid beverage: Although nutrient composition is very few, but among them carbon dioxide is OK aid digestion.

Fruit juice beverage: Contain rich organic acid, can stimulate gastric bowel to secrete, aid digestion, still can make small intestine upside shows acidity, conduce to the absorption of calcic, phosphor. But the person that controls weight and old people, blood sugar is tall person should notice to choose low candy beverage.

Vegetable juice:

Wine kind: When having chaffy dish, had better drink bit of liquor or wine, can rise antiseptic, go the action of the smell of mutton, when suiting instant-boiled mutton most, eat.