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Accurate mom pregnancy not gluttonous chaffy dish
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Accurate mom pregnancy not gluttonous chaffy dish

Do not adopt when Morpheus lie on one's back

When the uterus increases apparently, pregnant woman is taken lie on one's back a big hemal press press that makes easily be located in rachis side, bring about cerebrum and placenta to decrease for blood. Such, pregnant woman can appear not only giddy, palpitate unwell, fetal incidental also be short of blood, anoxic wait for a circumstance, still can make the uric quantity of pregnant woman decreases because of oppressive ureter, give now limb oedema even. Reason pregnant woman is adopted aptly when Morpheus left lie.

Do not make the motion that affects an uterus for long

Some pregnant woman often bow for long do chore, or it is to cycle for long, take a car, drive, always think thing of it doesn't matter, but 宮 of such very easy two pairs cause stimulation, cause abortion or premature delivery.

Do not bathe with too hot water

Be pregnant 56 climate of 15 ~ , the embryo that just forms is in differentiation in, very sensitive to temperature change, especially nerve organization. If pregnant woman often is washed hot bath or often be in high temperature environment to fall, easy cause deformation of fetal neurological development, make do not have a head, the happening that rachis cracks probability increases about 3 times, because of this temperature of bathing water with 35 ℃ ~ 38 ℃ are advisable.

Do not bathe time is too long

Bathe every time with 15 ~ 20 minutes advisable, if time is too long, pregnant woman is easy appear tired, dizziness unwell, return when weather is cold make easily body catch cold catch cold, the likelihood causes abortion or premature delivery.

Not gluttonous chaffy dish

There is arched bug parasitism inside body of a lot of oxen, sheep, if eat,just be in cutlet when chaffy dish Reshangli is ironed will eat with respect to fish out, make pregnant woman catchs upbow form bug easily, cause abortion, premature delivery.

Not drink reviver

The reviver includes strong tea and the beverage that contain coffee, chocolate, they can accentuate the esophagus muscle of pregnant woman is flabby, make countercurrent of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, ” of heartburn of “ of aggravating stomach ministry feels.

Do not use drug at will

Pregnant woman cold gives out heat or appear other and unwell when, be in especially gravid and inchoate, not oneself use drug at will, because be embryonic right now,be opposite of medicaments sensitive period. Should timely seek medical advice, it is good to choose the effect below doctor guidance and to fetal hurtless medicaments.

Not engorge eats especially

Some pregnant woman think to be pregnant should strengthen nutrition, eat incontinently more with respect to fine long hair. Little imagine, if eat too fatly in pregnancy, bring about gravid hypertension easily to be asked for integratedly not only, still because the meeting is fetal grow too greatly and the influence labors normally in the future, cause difficult labor. (Ji Jingrui)
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