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[graph article] foreigner and Chongqing: Er of Fei Yue of scald of Yi bad mangan
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Two years ago, french David of 26 years old decides to go to China living, because he is certain,the future of “ world belongs to Chinese ” . After many the consideration, he abandoned Beijing, chose Chongqing, the word that uses him tells: “ grows because of be in everyday for Chongqing. ”7 before the month, david came, still brought oneself British fiancee Pagie. Now, david in Chongqing industrial and commercial university should have a teacher, cummer also teachs department part-time job. Come home everyday, two people love to place the surprise that talks about this city to bring most, nevertheless husband and wife also bickers, still eat not to have chaffy dish today for argumentative “ only. ”

 30 million population frightens me to jump

Whatahugecity! WhyIdon ' Tknowitbefore? Ireal Juan IzedthatImadeamistake.2005 a days year, in institute of British London university (the French David that law teachs in UCL) feels he should go to China looking suddenly. “ everybody is talking about China, think the future of the world belongs to China. I say to oneself, you should go to David China. ”

Help through what France is stationed in Chinese embassy, a lot of China universities cast olive to David. David is right among them 3 universities are interested quite, one is in Beijing, one is in Harbin, one is the industrial and commercial university of Chongqing.

These 3 cities are very new to David, in preliminary understanding after the circumstance of 3 cities, david discovers Chongqing special the requirement that accords with him: One, the foreigner is not particularly much, “ my hope comes to China, can live with the Chinese's means. ” 2, chongqing as epitome of Chinese major city, have already flourishing metropolitan, have plain traditional country again. 3, this one city that growing, changing every day almost. Say on “ net, living in this city 3000 much people, I was stupefied. I say to oneself, you know what this number means, this is the population of a country almost, a so big city, you do not know unexpectedly! ”

Drink Chinese wine to experience passion

Chineseliquormakesmefireinside.2007 year when two people come to Chongqing, happen to is touched on Chongqing person crosses the Spring Festival. A student of David invites 2 people to feel traditional red-letter day of China to his home.

“ came to 20 much people in the home of my student that day, placed two desks banquet. I just sat calm, see they take out a bottle of Chinese wine, although I am not known it is what wine, but I know a number, 52 degrees! I say to oneself at that time, you decided David to death. Later, ground of male people one after another will respect my wine. I think I am drunk slowly should thing of it doesn't matter, but the student says Chinese means is to should cheer, drink readily. The first cup just is drunk go down, a fire in abdomen emerges with respect to Ceng ground, heat up I am well had not answered a god to come a little while. ” listens here, aside Paige readily take the opportunity to laughs bent a waist.
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