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Can sample at the same time for about a hundred person tremendous chaffy dish ap
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Diameter height of 12 rice, boiler the small chaffy dish that the edge outside 2 meters tall, caldron is 0.36 meters by 60 diameters comprises 2 rice, chimney annular circle …… yesterday, the tremendous chaffy dish that one catchword calls “ an ancient name for China ” of the biggest chaffy dish appears on Wen Shufang, draw lover of numerous chaffy dish immediately chase after hold in both hands. It is reported, this conflagration boiler has declared Jinisi world record, throw first on the Wen Shufang temple fair that is about to kick off use. · data contacts the first boiler completely

Diameter height of 12 meters of boiler 2 meters of chimney are 2 meters tall repast area is 1 meter high outer lane of 6 big stockpots takes   60 small chaffy dish heft 16 tons of value   of makings of soup of many yuan of 100 red boiler uses vegetable oil many kilograms 3000     of many kilograms of 1000 chili 200 more: The temple fair of the roundabout that 9 cars play market of public place of market of city of Yu Cao of v/arc be on the throne of reporter of chaffy dish component and a shop making and selling sauce advocate the assembly room sees, the chimney of upside of this conflagration boiler is made by brass, and 6 when its place soup to expect big stockpots and outer lane offer up a sacrifice 60 when the person dines small chaffy dish are made by stainless steel, height of whole repast area is a meter. Boiler body front is engraving “ an ancient name for China ” of the biggest chaffy dish 7 big character, imposing manner is dye-in-the-wood. Li Zhenkun discloses the creates limited company of culture of cate of hot skill of square —— Chengdu vise general manager that occupies this conflagration boiler, they open up endowment many yuan of 100 made this conflagration boiler hefts 16 tons. Because chaffy dish is too great, so can its each components are carried apart, travel of the reentry after arriving at Wen Shufang is assembled. And each components of conflagration boiler are advanced late 10 when Xu Yun touchs Wen Shufang. Passed one all night assemble, noon till yesterday midday 12 when, this conflagration boiler just appears before people. “ to play each parts of this conflagration boiler, used 9 trucks that are as long as 6.5 meters, and still employed a crane. ”   soup expects: But the Zhang Xiang of Great Master of fancy chaffy dish that the room of 20 square metre makes conflagration boiler soup expect according to be in charge of boiling introduces stack, conflagration boiler will modulation is red at the same time white boiler, its soup makings will guide 15 chef by him, what begin to have 9 evening 9 days from 8 days is elaborate boil make ability finish. Conflagration boiler has 6 big stockpots, the boiling water that every stockpot place needs hefts 1.5 tons. Makings of red boiler soup uses many kilograms 3000 to move many kilograms of 200 many kilograms of 1000 vegetable oil, classy chili, Chinese prickly ash to undertake boiling making plus a few kinds of 30 rare Chinese herbal medicine; And the soup makings of white boiler can use bone of many kilograms of 200 120 old hens, club and abdomen of many kilograms of 20 pig to a string of 1 soup. These boil the material that makes conflagration boiler soup expect place needs, can the room stack a 20 square metre! Teach expresses Zhang Shi, the soup makings that is modulation of conflagration boiler place is had hemp, hot, tender, very hot, bright, fragile, bright, sweet, beautiful 9 big characteristics. Enjoy: One day can admit an ancient name for China of “ of   of more than 10000 deadbeat ” of the biggest chaffy dish is to use electric energy to start completely, most high-power can amount to 180 kilowatt. And after regular investment uses conflagration boiler, can sample at the same time for 80~120 person. “ will have 449 clerks at the appointed time inside 60 when conflagration boiler the soup makings inside 6 big stockpots divides outer lane small chaffy dish, iron for citizen proper motion make food. ” plum the manager expresses, during temple fair of article different lane, predicting conflagration boiler admits more than 10000 bearing to taste everyday. It is reported, after full installation finishs conflagration boiler, build the upper part in it a diameter to be 18 meters, be 7.5 meters highly prevent pluvial big canopy. To assure conflagration boiler repast at the same time environmental sanitation is mixed beautiful, adornment and beautification still will undertake all round conflagration boiler, the spot is decorated the meeting is very festival. Also can divide all round chaffy dish mix for repast area view and admire an area, such citizens already but full the luck to eat sth delicious but feast one's eyes on. Xue Ling of our newspaper reporter photographs Liu Jinchuan
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