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Chaffy dish overflows a word
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A kind of traditional Ren that chaffy dish is a Chinese eats kind, “ surrounds furnace compotation to cheer place, the ” in small boiler of 100 flavour melt, this is severe celestial bodies of a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations of clear minor details (1822—1893) " chant chaffy dish " line, reflective poet and close friend happy get-together share the cheerful scene of chaffy dish cate.

The genetic time of chaffy dish is hard already delve, but suppositional, in China first civilian know use internal heat and and after the invention makes lathe, they use Tao Fu, Tao Ding to boil the primitive cooking of cooked food content, it is the earliest chaffy dish feeds a law. Since business after acting people invents metallurgy, copper iron is qualitative, qualitative wait for metallic vessel implement come out in succession, nevertheless, contented pledges cooking utensils still is used for a long time by the Chinese. On April 20, 2005, ” of “ Xinhua News Agency reports: In those days between April, archaeology person manage period of the Three Kingdoms from Hefei (in 220—280) relics unearthed relics, discovered 4, 5 contented qualitative chaffy dish, they include to put the kitchen of coal of container of the lukewarm alimental that boil, burning and chimney for filling.

With food of contented vessel cooking, although origin is very old, but this kind of means, in quite long in do not call “ chaffy dish ” , for example Huo of the “ Huo ” of Chinese generation, “ fights ” , the “ of period of the Three Kingdoms ” of 5 ripe boiler, the warm boiler of Tang Dynasty, they also have the use that calls “ chaffy dish ” later. And “ because ” of 5 ripe boiler is become by space 5 case, one kind can be put in every case or count kind of food cooking, after thoroughlying cook, take out flavor again edible, can taste savor more to plant flavor. Accordingly, “ ” of 5 ripe boiler is later not only the beginning of ” of chaffy dish of “ an affectionate couple, and have more use than latter.

Period of the Southern Song Dynasty, lin Hong of person of Fujian spring city, make up wrote a food only book " Shan Jiaqing is offerred " , record and narrate the elegant dish with various items, among them a rinse feed the story of rabbit meat: Have second, the on hill of past fierce exterminate “ before Lin Hong leaves the ” of peak of skirt of “ celestial being of 6 ” , the anchoret “ that preparation visits stops stop division ” , going up in hill process, “ encounters Xue Tian, get one hare ” , he stops this hare belt to “ stop division ” abode, the two people after the plan is thoroughlied cook are shared. But do not have chef,help cook. “ stops stop division ” tells Lin Hong, mix cleared flix splanchnic the rabbit meat after slice, expect with wine, sauce, any of several hot spice plants a bit be soiled; Then in the boil on small burner one pannikin rinses, clip meat of a rabbit to place ripe ” in the “ in boiling water with the chopstick, can take out dip in again spice juice feeds. Alleged “ places ripe ” , it is to be in boil soup namely “ rinse ripe ” . Lin Hong kisses all previous this cooking process, witness red unripe rabbit sliced meat, place rinse repeatedly in boil soup, red transforms gradually white, wanshi changes the rosy clouds of color gradually in the sky, accordingly, he gives the hare that in boil Shang Zhong “ places ripe ” this kind sliced meat, took a “ to dial glow to offer ” name. Later, “ dials what glow became rinse rabbit meat for ” to say to mix only good name.
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