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Vienna culture of chaffy dish of two rivers building (graph)
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The vessel is ancient time to feed implement, cooking utensils. Result from trader week, be current two Chinese, the food of the history that accompanying dynastic changes and people lives and develop develops. The ancients “ is fed more miscellaneous boil, surround a vessel and feed ” , ought to saying is today the primitive form of chaffy dish. Qin Shi emperor unites within the country, day corporal person sniffs wind and go to, only then emperor sets a vessel to feed a banquet to wait for at A room palace. The vessel also becomes Tie Ding by cupreous vessel gradually. When advance of two Chinese the Kingdom of Wei, still face of evolution the Qin Dynasty eats convention, vassal call monarch all is waited for with vessel banquet photograph be the same as drink with the monarch. Bookman photograph gets together to also surround a vessel and feed. The vessel feeds development to arrive Sui Tang, already began to enter common other people, become the common food form of xenial friend. iron vessel change is vessel boiler. Yuan Chaoshi the Monggol nationality asks a vessel Central Plains, facilitate horde the chaffy dish of ” of “ instant-boiled mutton that carry (metabolic vessel is fed) take north. Later, the vessel already was not cooking utensils, and those who become influence and law is indicative, but “ surrounds a vessel and feed ” to still hide at southwest minority area sadly. Downy Tibetan has more surround sit igneous chamber, the tea with milk that boil, eat ghee glutinous rice cake, those who drink highland barley wine is consuetudinary. Mountain fastness of the Yi nationality very of fire of be current vessel prandial. After clear dynasty is built, civilian popularity is solstitial the nourishing “ of the custom tradition of broth of dog of boiler eating a vessel is complete ovine stockpot ” also times those who suffer people love.
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