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Chaffy dish- - glamour blossoms in savour
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Chaffy dish, a kind of classic and contemporary meal the name of an article and specific and take numerous dietary kind, in Chengdu, in Sichuan, in the whole nation, pervade feed a market, eat city, wine shop, restaurant, form a beautiful beautiful scenery. Its public praise and influence, the poem is card:

One inn miniascape did not see blaze rises by reeky boiler

Full mouth of colourful blessing of flavour of friendship of red Shang Dangqi tastes warmth

Boil Man Jingjin of endless flow of raise of boil of ground of overturn the heavens of the nether world

Have this sweet sky has why to hear again today between old friend

Have sweet famous, wish to hear of course. This kind of deep-seated meaning that wishs to hear is people likes chaffy dish, benefit from chaffy dish.

The glamour of chaffy dish, reach by the watch in, arrive from the form content, OK grade, OK appreciate, can comprehend, can feel.

“ surrounds an atmosphere that scoops up red ” . This can be shown enthusiastic and the scene that mixes in person. Hot red, shang Gong, fiery, break up boil, choose course, leave a country, place very hot, chopsticks is scooped up, notting have is not lively move feeling. Together with in threes and fours troops, with pleasure rumour of peace talks laugh, nature and harmonious be in harmony are an organic whole, let a person feel those who surround a basin is enthusiastic, masticatory happy. Those who feed have taste, flavour is thick hide in burning hot in; Of character have feeling, condition is deep and implicit at hemp crisp crisp besides; Cheers, touch chopsticks, respect, ask, everything all goes up in chaffy dish. Because of so, “ ate chaffy dish ” to become the pattern of a kind of first selection of fete.

The form of ” of close hutch of “ close fire. This can reflect him “ to start work ” abundant dish and sufficient the fun that feed. Hutch of be disgusted with, it is aperture not merely old gentleman has had involuntary discharge of urine to teach “ gentleman far hutch ” , it is contemporary, the more white-collar personage also thinks ” of him “ far hutch is division of labor to make however proud. Arrive however inn of chaffy dish hall close boiler of nature close fire also close hutch, especially self-help chaffy dish, natural him meeting moves a hand to come; This and outer picnic photograph are compared, the civilization that can experience ” of Home “ cook a meal more and another gust: Oneself start work choose course, leave boiler, very hot scoop up, from be born ripe, him skill n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, extremely! Not also gentleman!

Of chaffy dish afore-mentioned two kinds, it is with this distinction the main point at other meal form is mixed the main point that can behave oneself characteristic most. In addition, chaffy dish still has the distinguishing feature that feeds law and flavour to go up.
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