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Dawdler chaffy dish floats on oil of a bamboo slip
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Dawdler chaffy dish floats on oil of a bamboo slip 2006-6-30 18:03:4“ of morning paper of 3 days of government office hey! Does this chaffy dish have a bamboo slip how turning? Go up to still have so much hole personally. Is it dry what child oh? ” yesterday (24) day, the reporter gave out doubt inside inn of 4 paragraphs of some chaffy dish austral one annulus road, to this problem, the answer of this inn controller is: “ the baby that this is our inn, be in now patent application. ”

  Beauty of bamboo slip leisurely is great

Take cookbook our arris: Having a meal here is not to order dishes first, nod ” of “ bamboo slip first however, …… of curry, pickled Chinese cabbage is sufficient have more than 10 kinds, “ bamboo slip is different, characteristic is different. You should have been chosen. ” aside the clerk reminds. As the boiling of the soup in boiler, that bamboo slip also rotates in boiler, a little while left, a little while right, evil spirit it is interesting.

Pick up in removing bowel of a duck to wanting to be put in boiler, the master blocks us to say: “ is put on bamboo slip, wait for itself to iron. ”“ alas, OK still this appearance. ”“ duck bowel should pick up all the time, very troublesome. You put it on bamboo slip, had been ironed a little while. And there is flavor inside bamboo slip, hit outside the canister have opening, the fragrance in hot process spills over, the flavour of the thing is even better. ”

Say according to the clerk, because need not be placed from beginning to end,iron, the guest says with respect to play this is dawdler chaffy dish.

  Billow of bamboo slip small fund

According to this inn author paragraph gentleman introduction, the meal industry competition of Chengdu is extremely brutal now. His chaffy dish inn ever also was stranded sad, for stand out a crisis, within an inch of of his think hard boiled Chinese bulbul. What want no more than characteristic of a ——— .

I think “ people has chaffy dish now, want to have taste not only; Should seek health and interest more. And the chaffy dish footing previously is put in boiler directly, hard to avoid is added on food, and the soup that return muddy, burnt boiler, the influence is beautiful with mouthfeel. Add food to sink in boiler, shangyou boiling hot, clients break up ceaselessly in boiler search, it is troublesome really. Be based on this I invented ’ of canister of this ‘ footing at 2 o'clock. Since my bamboo slip go into battle, the result is right still really. ”

  Patent application takes strict precautions against pilfer edition

“ but go with respect to this patent application, be a bit fussily? ”“ won't, absolutely won't. ”“ since me invented this thing, the business is good, red-eyed do not know have a lot of. ”“ often has curious guest to ask about bamboo slip, we also are happy to reply. Nevertheless some ‘ client ’ ask all sorts of questions, professional thorough. They are some of detective, steal division presumably, I am clear about very. ” paragraph gentleman frontier says the edge blinks. A day that when “ comes out formally from bamboo slip, I begin to begin to prepare patent application. Accept advice note to had been sent now, waiting for a program to go to obtain patent letter. ”
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