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Affection of chaffy dish sister
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When little younger sister answers los angeles on the weekend early spring, weather is shady and cool, make a person gutty want to drink the feeling of bowl of hot boiling water! The chaffy dish with reekier than coming what can satisfy this gastric bag that depressed weather brings to feel emptily more? !

Went to the supermarket around buying simple chaffy dish material then, ─ of off-the-peg ─ of bag of a prescription for a medical decoction is Songrongjia the taste of seafood, prawn that connects a head, fresh salmon, green beautiful crab is counted only, what do now is sweet beef of not hot bolus, vegetable Hua Zhiqiu, top class snowflake, add the bought yesterday Qiu Dao fish in the home: A rich chaffy dish big food is about to come on stage 啰 !

Having chaffy dish is one of family activities that we love most all the time. No matter be husband and wife the ” of boiler of love of “ an affectionate couple of two, or it is ” of 3 boiler of “ family happiness when spending the New Year, or it is to resemble the “ that evening and little sister enjoy together on the weekend assisting in all ” of boiler of a grand occasion; A few people round the bowl that risking steam, chirp chat say the ground, in boiler of get the opportunity various and delicate, sob the drinking very hot tongue chaffy dish boiling water of part of speech, suck is worn foot of shrimp carapace crab, sipping ─ of sweet plum wine ─ is happy, rise ceaselessly in dense steam gradually.

Move from little younger sister oneself south since adding, big eat “ assists ” of boiler of a grand occasion became us in all cold weather in on the weekend most the activity that often enjoys. Little younger sister is us the age in 3 sister is the smallest, a when go out the earliest however to live independently. From the Dai Zaisheng when the university Dababala lives, the Master career to Stanford, and the new York guest of beautiful banner bank lives, hold a post to later the rich nation at san Francisco bank, little younger sister seems to fly only Gao Youyuan's migrant, although accidental meeting answers mew, can be me this does big elder sister seem never what does the opportunity do for her.

Little now younger sister is moved south added, of the distance shorten make I can make up for sister of a few one's early years to get together to leave much regret less more or less. Sister two go to a supermarket purchasing together on the weekend, be sure to coming home is washed wash, the edge talks about the preliminary dinner with busy border, seem to return in one's childhood in the circumstances of player home wine like!

Eat chaffy dish to be opposite me, it is dinkum one full the luck to eat sth delicious only not simply just, it helps me get together action of little little sister come back, 3 cups of two little alcoholic drink issue the memory ─ ─ that also helps me look for a childhood abdomen, the past of gram of what sesame seed is written down!
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