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Chaffy dish of an affectionate couple turns over new page of chaffy dish culture
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Chaffy dish can have today, he Yongzhi result cannot do not have the president of Chongqing cygnet. According to textual research, the absurd virgin soil of Chongqing chaffy dish is mixed in Jia Lingjiang of the Yangtse River hand in collect door of day handling day. Two rivers handed in the part that assemble to become a beach alluvion, the beach of this Jiang Bian became the distribution centre of butcher of flocks and herds. Accumulation of splanchnic, head, hoof becomes grave, doit can buy a pair. Such, attracted a few boat tracker, jack-tar, heaver, butcher to buy. They used the simplest way to have cook. Splanchnic put into tinplate after be rinsed clean in Jiang Shui boil in the basin. Of the boil in that tinplate basin is the hemp hot thick gravy of crimson red. Jiang Feng is brisk at that time, dew heavy frost is cold, boat tracker people the vessel is listed in Jiang Bian and feed, drum tall song, the flavour with that hot hemp not only it is OK also to can divide fishy smell drive is cold. Visible, one's previous experience of Chongqing chaffy dish is hangdog, so local says feed ” for “ cheap. From hangdog to nobility, the delicate dainty of the feeds elegance hall from the low convention with open countryside, the revolution that wisdom does not carry a few times among this is no good.

Too extremely red soup of half of clear soup of graph —— half

Chaffy dish inn of He Yongzhi has a lot of foreigner to sample at that time, they want to eat to be overcome again however hemp is hot, eat tear drivel one big. She thinks at that time, can be red boiling water of half of half clear soup carried in a boiler? Such wanting that also tried so, after but become,boiler burns boil, red soup and clear soup had overflowed fender each other, cannot pass a little while clear soup red soup is divided not clear. She ever also tried wanting to carry red boiling water of one desk clear soup, one desk, but another thinks, a flock of friends will have a meal, you divide the family into two desks, that much feel disappointed letting a person. Have very long period of time in, red soup of half of half clear soup is in He Yongzhi's brain. In those days, husband and wife two often be in towards evening when go taking a walk by the side of the river, those who chat at most also is how to carry red boiling water of half of half clear soup. A day, he Yongzhi and Liao Changguang are by the side of the river uprise is far look, but the imposing manner after river of be good at and door of day of hold office at court of fine hill river are confluent is billowy, vast and mighty. Do not mix tardy however after the water of two rivers is confluent. There is a apparent waterline in Jiang Xin. The Shui Yiyang of the Yangtse River and fine hill river one shade, twine together like two megalosaurus, flexuous, winding and labyrinthian. He Yongzhi is looking at Jiang Shui to ask questioningly: “ does not have any cutting off among the water of this two rivers, not promiscuous however. The in part of half clear soup that I make has armor plate be apart between red Shang Zaizhong, should mix always however for one place, is this why? ” Liao Changguang hopes to visit a wife, hope to look at Jiang Shui to say again: “ water is flexible, alleged smoke a knife to cut off the water supply water more stream, you are straight inter of bar bar ground is blocked, one boiling wants water of course everywhere excessive. ” Liao Changguang is pointing to that waterline to say again: You see “ , waterline of that two rivers, not be absolutely linear, it is labyrinthian as if turn. Suddenly be enlightened of ” He Yongzhi, agitato says; Large dams of reservoir of “ no wonder is of arc! ” at last, pursy brows; “ but how do I do camber in that small bowl? ” Liao Changguang says: Do you see “ what does that eddy resemble? ” He Yongzhi jumped gladly: “ resembles too extremely …… ah, too good, too good. I am OK chaffy dish put through too extremely ” of red soup of clear soup of graphical —— half, half.
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