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Mao Zedong likes to have mum
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Lan Zhi of “ Chao Yinmu drops show, evening eat Qiu Juzhi falls flower. ” this is Qu Yuan is written in " from coquettish " the line in, ever was cited ably to be in by Mao Zedong when dining, he himself likes to join chrysanthemum daily dish very much in.

A was 1949 then night, sanitarian doctor Wang He of Mao Zedong bank a small room of violet cloud of the Nanhai in be being called, want him to accompany Mao Zedong to have a meal. Wang He bank walks into dining-room to look, there is a chaffy dish among table, among the vegetable by chaffy dish, have segment or section of dishful white chrysanthemum, conspicuous all the more. What can make him want to be less than is, why does this chrysanthemum leave to go up in table? Feel very fancy: Can chrysanthemum valve also eat?

at this moment, mao Zedong went, see Wang He bank is staring at the chrysanthemum leaf in dish with interrogative look, say to him not without humorous ground: “ king doctor, eat eat look, we did not admire the beauty of flowers, will have a flower! ”

Do not eat not to know, eat quite wonderful. Wang He bank places leaf removing chrysanthemum with the chopstick, dip in in rolling chaffy dish soup, flower immediately soft come down, soup rolls beautiful delicacy, the flower is sweet 4 excessive. After the entrance, although somewhat a herbal medicines in a prescription, do not keep out however faint scent is soft tender temptation, the feeling is very good, nod chronically.

Mao Zedong sees state, laugh, say: “ king doctor, how? OK still! Know to have mum before our ancestor early. ” says, he also places leaf removing chrysanthemum, extend Xiang Huo boiler, put in the mouth next fine fine ground savours ……

Wang He bank nods again. Mao Zedong says to him then: You know “ Qu Yuan, he is ‘ Chao Yinmu Lan Zhi dropping is shown, evening eat Qiu Juzhi falls flower. ’ looks, ate what chrysanthemum is poor to lift at that time. We also come of a poor lift, we also come a ‘ evening eat Qiu Juzhi falls flower ’ . Nevertheless, this chrysanthemum can be worker comrade is collected designedly from the chrysanthemum that help advance somebody's career those who come down. ”

One's voice in speech just fell, he places leaf removing chrysanthemum again, extend to chaffy dish go ……

[after feeding, get]

White chrysanthemum and yellow chrysanthemum all can be used at making delicate cate. Chrysanthemum odour is aromatic, have San Fengqing heat, smooth liver the effect such as bright eye. Chrysanthemum but delicacy is fed, dry feed, cooked food, steamed wheaten foods, boil feed, fry feed, but cold and dressed with sause, can do stuffing. For example, chaffy dish of bolus of fish of carp of dumpling of congee of flesh of chrysanthemum a thick soup, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum explodes Bao of bean curd of head of fish of gallinaceous silk, chrysanthemum is waited a moment. Still have alcoholic drink of unfailing chrysanthemum scented tea, chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is really good! View and admire for the person with big feast one's eyes on, the edible that lay a person returns can big full the luck to eat sth delicious.
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