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Yun county comes up out of land chaffy dish of an affectionate couple of the Wes
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Dispatch of net of the Yangtse River occupies Hubei daily message: (Zhou Xingming of iron of reporter Zhang Pei, reporter) yesterday, reporter from Yun county 5 peaks countryside installs city the eastpart part on spot of archaeology of treasure lid relics learns, this relics sends the contented of period of disinter the Western Han Dynasty to make chaffy dish of an affectionate couple. According to Ningxia archaeology place Zhu Cunshi teachs the introduction, this is the chaffy dish of the earliest an affectionate couple that at present area of northwest of another name for Hubei province comes up out of land, provided in kind to study culture of food of society of mankind of ancient time of northwest of another name for Hubei province paradigmatic, have important history to study value.

Expert of this relics classics affirms the relics that is period of one place the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the explore of the 2100 square metre that already sending disinter square in, came up out of land a batch of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Chinese, bright, clear the crockery of 4 histories period, china.

This contented that sends disinter makes chaffy dish of an affectionate couple 37 centimeters tall, among them diameter of upside chaffy dish 30 centimeters, inside container 11 centimeters tall, intermediate design has a removed contented to make fender, form boundary, but removed capacity is inside container one big one small, big at the same time diameter 14.5 centimeters, small at the same time 11.7 centimeters, diameter leaving an opening is 28 centimeters, horn mouth, mid diameter is 24 centimeters, in in the design has the triangle with opposite fluctuation to come loose all round bottom cylinder hot aperture, coming loose hot Kong Bian designed a round hole, can place fire-tongs.

According to expert analysis, the contented that comes up out of land this makes the cultural relic that chaffy dish of an affectionate couple is period of the Western Han Dynasty. Period of the Western Han Dynasty, in freezing season, live the crockery chaffy dish that the people that be here had used fire to go out, chaffy dish bottom by medicinal powder the quantity of heat that hot aperture gives fully can warm oneself, in chaffy dish upside people can be in according to different taste minute of clapboard food of two side modulation.