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Cate interest talks: Chaffy dish anecdote
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Chaffy dish is people place to love from of old, also brought a lot of interesting stories then.

A few monarches and chaffy dish have ancient time certain complex, yuan Shizu needs intense likes to have chaffy dish suddenly, have a year of winter, army wants move suddenly, and rumble of his empty stomach, want to eat hotpot surely, the slice of lieutenant general hotpot with clever chef urgent situation, in putting boiled water bowl, iron, add the thing such as condiment, chopped green onion, after Hu Bilie is fed, be profuse in praise. Later, he did an emperor to still do not overlook this course, grant a name to be ” of “ instant-boiled mutton. According to legend, in one's childhood therewith father Yang Qian mixes Yang Shen of bright generation writer, those who go to great to treat an emperor to be set in imperial garden is convivial. There is the chaffy dish of instant-boiled mutton on the banquet, there is coal in fire, great treats an emperor to borrow this to get one the first line of a couplet on a scroll, cloud of the first line of a couplet on a scroll: &Ldquo; carbon black is fiery the grey ” that be like snow, want numerous official enjoin to be opposite, chancellery people immediately each look at each other in speechless despair. Right now, junior Yang Shen gives the second line of a couplet stealthily to father chant: &Plain cooked rice of Ldquo; cereal glutinous millet is like frost ” . Its father reads aloud the son's couplet to the emperor to listen then, yan Dayue of the emperor dragon, admire drive wine at once a cup. Emperor of clear acting Qianlong also eats chaffy dish to become addiction, he ever swam for many times Changjiang Delta, every reach one ground, stock chaffy dish. According to legend, the first month of the lunar year of the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of his Yu Jiaqing places “ greatly in palace ” of banquet of 1000 old man, whole place go up in all chaffy dish more than 1550, the person that sample on invitation amounts to 5000 more than person, make the greatest chaffy dish sumptuous dinner on the history.

A few more contemporary culture distinguished personages also has a special liking to chaffy dish, celebrity Hu Kuo is doted on to chaffy dish of birthplace badge city have add, when home fete guest has a meal, cook badge city chaffy dish meticulously to entertain a visitor in order to enrol by its madam mostly. Well-known writer Liang Shiqiu is in a problem " Mr Hu Kuo 23 things " in recalling essay, with respect to depict the affection of the preference of the deep impression that badge city chaffy dish leaves to him and Hu Kuo to badge city chaffy dish. Film name directs Xie Tian one's early years to be when Chongqing, happy event eat Chongqing chaffy dish, can says is a “ epicure ” that loves to have chaffy dish.

Nowadays, as the progress of science and technology, the development of cooking craft, chaffy dish breed also extraordinary splendour confused is shown, each have distinguishing feature, depend on fuel and divide, the; such as chaffy dish of charcoal having wood, gas chaffy dish, report chaffy dish, alcohol chaffy dish is talked with respect to quality of a material, stannum makes chaffy dish, aluminium make the; such as chaffy dish, stainless steel chaffy dish, enamel chaffy dish press a structure for, have press even the; such as chaffy dish of type of chaffy dish of form of characters or letters, fission type chaffy dish, an affectionate couple cooking style for, the chaffy dish of chaffy dish of bittern having boiling water, boiled in clear soup, water chaffy dish that boil. Breed is numerous shown chaffy dish, make the same score for table add a few minutes of lively atmosphere. A thousand li is different wind, a hunderd li is different common, the confused of chaffy dish design and color of our country is shown, 1000 boiler 100 flavour, be like the seafood chaffy dish of Guangdong famously, of rinse is seafood and so on, burden is very exquisite, the most exquisite flavour is delicious with eating interest, feed and not be bored with, the chrysanthemum chaffy dish that Su Hang of delicious and boundless; brings, juice of chaffy dish soup is chicken broth or broth, and complementary wait with the flesh, fish, chicken thin unripe piece with chrysanthemum a rinse is worn eat, faint scent bright is magical, local color is distinctive the chaffy dish of flavour of another name for Yunnan Province of; Yunnan, the characteristic is cloud leg must be put in chaffy dish, when feeding, deserve to wait for raw material with Xianggu mushroom, cruelly oppress, fresh and tender sweet hot, be full of the wool abdomen chaffy dish of gust; Chongqing, have the characteristic with hot sweet alcohol of thick delicacy of soup of raw material diversity, bittern, hemp. In addition, the ” of “ assorted chaffy dish of the ” of “ beef chaffy dish of the ” of chaffy dish of “ plain boiled pork with the ” of “ game chaffy dish of ” of 3 bright chaffy dish, Hubei, northeast “ of the hotpot chaffy dish of Beijing, 8 unripe chaffy dish of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, also gust is not provided.
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