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Snow and ice fire pot first the original ecological hot pot restaurant in China
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Ever since Zhang Yimou's "Impression," a sensation after the release, the original concept of this new ecology, most recently in April of sweetness and light like a couple of years slowly moistening the land of China. Original Art, original houses, the original ecological agriculture, etc., issued a fresh bud. As China's first original ecological hot pot restaurant, fire bursts of snow and ice hot hot in the last aroused. Sip delicious hot pot, while enjoying the seasonal scenery, listen to singing in the ears Kingfisher to see garden of beautiful flowers, the idea of what, the diners have been away from the city noise, transparent and give birth to a return to natural feeling, the whole Directions and natural environment up close. Have such an environment, fire pot snow rush to every consumer, infinite longing. "I understand the original ecology is a lifestyle choice." Fire in the snow and ice, founder of Deng Jinbo so hot interpretation of his design, "in the commercialization of modern society, all kinds of desires staggered, it is easy to lose yourself , for some time, have wanted to return, simply want to pursue some of the dead feeling, to be honest, I had had this stage, when the last Shennongjia collecting herbs, and land and forest close contact with that moment, the people feel the new cleaned, I particularly want this feeling to bring more people, which is to create a hot pot restaurant, the original intention of the original ecology. " Of course, the fire in the snow and ice of the original pot is not just reflected in its ecological clean comfortable, like exposure to forest-like dining environment, it permeates every detail of the. As always said Deng, a former ecology and land deep feelings, rather than playing a business concept. In several interviews the author and his contacts to get the impression that the fire pot of the original ecology of snow and ice this position is entirely Deng total personal character, life experience, the conclusion of a matter of course. Fire in the snow most commendable, "Zhaojun gold party" continues the history of the ancient legend, which the ancient Huns in the frozen food under a reproduction of the original ecosystem. Nomadic habits of regular migration, making the soup into the system very cumbersome Zhaojun beautiful day operations of her clever use of natural given the cold desert, to a system in place for outdoor good pot, already an instant ice. Ice chiseling, Sheng bag, very convenient to carry out. This beautiful original motion picture scenes in total entrepreneurial mind the beginning of the Tang, when he was struggling to delve into the wonderful hot pot soup ingredients, the snow today, the fire had already planted the original seeds of eco-style. "In fact, many of our ancestors left us a precious legacy can be called the original ecosystem, after all, the Chinese culture is built on the 'Heaven' thoughts on the simple native." Deng's a noble words to the author of total irrigation wake Daigo "You see, our trend of Chinese medicine by most Westerners to say today, is a physical and spiritual unity of science, it is also followed this 'Heaven' thinking." Deng himself was probably unaware of the total fire today, the concept of the formation of snow, he is beautiful're looking for the taste, the taste of the most beautiful from the people, from the legend, thousands of people from the crystallization Another fire in the snow as the core of successful development of red wine when the recipe Prairie, Deng Jinbo, and he led the fire pot in the extraction of natural snow and ice of the original ecosystem is already on the road to clear. With this idea, the design after the dishes, dining in the form, Deng Jinbo begin to bring conscious diners to experience the freshest native, non-polluting ingredients, making pot the way to go with the flow field appeared in front of diners. Original ecological hot pot restaurant, a fire is the first snow, but certainly not the only one, I believe that only a deep understanding of the nature of things, do not blindly follow the trend and the store will be the foundation of a solid stand.