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Eat copper stove pot of carbon monoxide poisoning diners swoon 5
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More than 20 o'clock the day before yesterday, in the Yangpu District, near the World Road States and grilled hot pot, a copper stove to eat five diners, sudden dizziness, vomiting, and even a brief one of the women fainted. The hospital diagnosis, 5 series of carbon monoxide poisoning. Reporter learned yesterday in the hospital emergency room, they feel unwell after a meal 3 female 2 male and 5 were aged under 40 years of looking up and down. After the incident, was taken to hospital, 5 were pale, some blurred eyes, can not fully concentrate. According to hospital CLC, after detection of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy, and 5 were caused by adverse reactions after inhaling carbon monoxide, present uneventfully. Several patrons said there is not, the day before yesterday 18:00 5 more similar to the way the country and the hot pot restaurant on the second floor dining. According to diners to say, because the weather was cold at night, when the shop windows are all closed, copper stove of charcoal smoke pot smoke, coupled with some smoke, smoke-filled house for a time, eating environment is poor. More than an hour after the meal, 5 people have nausea and vomiting, and dizziness and so on.