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The making method of assorted chaffy dish
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Characteristic: All of element of meat or fish has, soft, pliable but strong, sweet, fragile, flavour is delicious, for Hunan gust.

Raw material: Bolus of ripe red meat 10, ripe Gan

Condiment: Garlic sprouts 25 grams, pepper 1 gram, gourmet powder 1 gram, soy 10 grams, ripe lardy 75 grams, fleshy clear soup 1000 grams. Practice:

1, bolus of will ripe red meat from which horizontal incision becomes 20; Bud Chinese cabbage is cut 3 centimeters 4.5 centimeters long, wide piece; Vermicelli made from bean starch is cut grow 15 centimeters paragraph; Winter bamboo shoots, thin pork is cut respectively 2 centimeters 4 centimeters long, wide, 0.3 centimeters thick piece; Ripe pig abdomen, cuttlefish is cut respectively grow 4 centimeters, 2 centimeters wide piece; Xianggu mushroom is abluent, chunk dissections; Garlic sprouts is cut grow 2.5 centimeters paragraph.

2, put bud Chinese cabbage, vermicelli made from bean starch chaffy dish first, bolus of red meat bolus, Chinese olive flesh, egg roll is put on.

3, 50 grams are entered inside boiler lardy, burn to 6 into heat, next winter bamboo shoots piece fry a few times, lay cutlet, gut again piece, Chinese ink slices of fish meat, Xianggu mushroom, soy, salt (3 grams) fry ripe, enter chaffy dish inside.

4, fry put inside boiler lardy 25 grams, burn to 6 when becoming heat, put fleshy clear soup, join gourmet powder, pepper, garlic sprouts, salt, chaffy dish is entered after be being burned, ignite chaffy dish, burn boil, on desk become namely. (be over)