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Oneself make fruit chaffy dish
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Chaffy dish once more popularity rises. But pouring the fruit as chaffy dish cate is scarcer, use orange juice infusion and the chaffy dish a prescription for a medical decoction of ” of chaffy dish of fruit of “ orange flavour basically is become, a prescription for a medical decoction is melting and take bit of small sick at heart, plus with fruit infusion a prescription for a medical decoction, what increase chaffy dish not only is delicate can have a chaffy dish of healthy low caloric more.

Fruit course is long boil, can release Gantian flavor gradually, can general artificial sugariness agent can not be likened to this flavour. ” of chaffy dish of fruit of “ orange flavour is wait for orange juice, fragrant citrus, pineapple, apple, add soup-stock infusion nearly half little from time to time is become, fruity Qing Dynasty was added in soup-stock sweet mouthfeel, acquire a balance ably, the more infusion, feel melting more. Everybody introduction gives the making method of bowl of water of orange flavour fruit below:

Advocate makings: Of all kinds fruit (wait like Pu of apple, Shui Li, grapes, banana, Hami melon) .

Burden: Soup-stock sweet candy of pink of flavour of orange of juice of orange of 750 grams, 250 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams.

Make a way: 1, cut all sorts of fruits agglomerate shape to be put dish in reserve.

2, wait for pink of flavour of juice of soup-stock, orange, orange, sweet candy big baked wheaten cake is used in adding pot, again instead small fire is boiled slowly, not when agitate; Boil 15 minutes or so can.

3, should put rinse to wear only next eat to go.
Essentials: Very hot time does not grow too, lest lose the faint scent with original and special fruit.