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The making means of chaffy dish of 3 bright bean curd
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★ raw material prepares: Tender bean curd 1250 grams, snakeheaded fish 500 grams, dried shrimps 25 grams, head of with filling pig 250 grams, water sends Xianggu mushroom 50 grams, winter bamboo shoots 150 grams, tower dish heart 250 grams. ★ condiment chooses: Yellow rice or millet wine 25 grams, refined salt 10 grams, gourmet powder 5 grams, green ginger end 30 grams, lardy 50 grams, broth 1250 grams. ★ makes edible process: 1, become analyse of tender bean curd 3 centimeters of square with the knife piece, put enamel basin inside, add a few clear water, put into freezer (- 18 degrees) inside quick-freeze, frozen bean curd is become namely after 5 hours. Take out nature to change aspic stand-by. 2, tower heart dish is abluent, drop does moisture; Sweater of expurgation of winter bamboo shoots, cut 1.5 centimeters 3 centimeters long, wide chip; Xianggu mushroom is cut go root, the base of a fruit is abluent; The bowl is put after dried shrimps is abluent inside, add yellow rice or millet wine (5 grams) , clear water (25 grams) , go up steam box evaporate 30 minutes, take out stand-by.

3, snakeheaded fish raze scale, open chamber to dig go splanchnic, go cheek washs behead of essence of life to go piscine head, eliminate back bone, into cutlet of fish of essence of life. Cutting grow 3 centimeters, 1.5 centimeters wide chip, put dish in.

4, the boiler that burn heat, unlock water and frozen bean curd, burn after boiling, enter strainer, drop goes moisture; Heat up former boiler, go underwater enters boiler of boil in water for a while of end of lardy, green, ginger, boil yellow rice or millet wine, add meat of broth, with filling piece, after thoroughlying cook, take out, cut grow 4.5 centimeters, 1.5 centimeters wide chip; Put character of snakeheaded fish head, back former Shang Zhong, burn boil 15 minutes, go with leakage sieve filter namely pomace, abandon need not, put Xianggu mushroom, cutlet, dried shrimps, slices of fish meat, frozen bean curd again piece, winter bamboo shoots piece, burn after boiling, cast aside go float foam, add salt, gourmet powder, yellow rice or millet wine, enter chaffy dish inside, put tower dish heart finally, can go up desk, ignite chaffy dish edible.

Characteristic of ★ finished product: Bean curd delicacy is sweet, the flesh is mellow not be bored with.