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The making method of chaffy dish of Chongqing characteristic an affectionate cou
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Chaffy dish of abdomen of wool of be in harmony of this chaffy dish is an organic whole with clear soup chaffy dish, need one furnace only, double flavour is the same as boiler, north and south all appropriate, friend name chaffy dish of an affectionate couple. The interval in boiler uses sheet copper solder to decide, show too extremely graph. Method of modulation of clear soup, red soup as before, change somewhat. Qing Xianchun is thick, hemp piquancy is thick, both is suitable, bring out the best in each other. This chaffy dish was in 1983 countrywide cooking gets recognition greatly on congress of appraisal of each division performance, the Chen Zhigang of fabricant Chongqing wins beautiful chef title.

With makings: (8 people portion)

Chaffy dish of 1 , red soup:

Ox carries willow flesh on the back liver of 200 grams buffalo abdomen of 200 grams buffalo 250 grams

Eel slices of fish meat 300 grams of waist of 250 grams buffalo are vivid crucian carp fish 10 end (about 500 grams)

Yu Rong bolus blood of 150 grams duck 2500 grams of 500 grams thick gravy (make a law see wool abdomen chaffy dish)

2, clear soup chaffy dish:

Pig backbone flesh (film) gizzard of 200 grams duck spends 200 grams catfish piece 200 grams

Water sends a squid piece 200 grams chicken piece 150 Ke Yurong bolus 150 grams

Water hair thorn joins a 250 grams water to send bovine muscle paragraph waist of 250 grams pig piece 250 grams

Clear soup thick gravy 2500 grams (make a law see clear soup chaffy dish) .

3, two boiler are common raw material:

Green Chinese onion 500 grams garlic bolt 500 grams lotus is white 500 grams

Pea Miao Jian 500 grams of 500 grams spinach Huang Yang is white 500 grams

Vermicelli made from bean starch 250 grams winter bamboo shoots 200 grams dried mushrooms 100 grams

Make a way:

It is 1 , good that above raw materials of all sorts of element of meat or fish divide dish of outfit, surround in chaffy dish of an affectionate couple all around, ignite fire, burn soup juice, make float foam, can iron feed.

2, flavour dish adds salt and gourmet powder to be made with sesame oil, oyster sauce, the egg white that an egg puts in every dish can.

3, when eating, bolus of fine and soft of flower of gizzard of eel slices of fish meat, duck, fish can issue boiler to boil first. Crucian carp fish is treated clean hind insert from inside piscine mouth with the chopstick, put into chaffy dish to boil tasty, take even the chopstick edible.

Note: Soup is fed oil of former soup, ox, salt, white soy should be added in the process, lest flavour talks.