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Abstain chaffy dish of head of hemp hot fish [graph]
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Chaffy dish makings:

Aniseed, sweet leaf, Chinese prickly ash, dry chili, Jiang Pian, green paragraph with bead of the head of garlic.


Big fish head (two jins of above) , cruelly oppress (remove slices of fish meat) , tomato a few.


Heat one boiler hot water, open baked wheaten cake with another boiler at this moment heat is lardy fry fragrant flower any of several hot spice plants (scoop) , the plain boiled water that after the chaffy dish that puts other expects one detonate is sweet, pours to had been burned puts piscine head and tomato, boil with conflagration flavor in a few minutes, put garlic leaf to be able to begin to have chaffy dish of head of hemp hot fish at this moment. Have piscine head first, again slowly rinse slices of fish meat. Dip in expecting is to have chaffy dish every time necessary (garlic oily chili encircles sauce) , scamper dried bean milk cream in tight rolls (it is oneself use deepfry) , still have a few vegetable (fabaceous seedling, lettuce and caraway) .

Chaffy dish of head of hemp hot fish uses 4 glyphs to allow: Bright, hemp, hot, sweet. Piscine head slips particularly tender, taste very exciting!