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Old little all the clear soup chaffy dish of appropriate
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Clear soup chaffy dish is one of traditional chaffy dish. It is thick gravy with clear soup, match with chairman condiment, chun Weinong is bright, sweet very hot, inviting appetite, the four seasons all appropriate, be reached especially by woman, old person not be addicted to is hot person love.

Raw material: Palm of wool abdomen, duck each 250 grams, bovine annulus larynx 100 grams, luncheon meat of beef, pork each 200 grams, duck bowel 150 grams, soya bean bud 200 grams, silk of baking powder of dawdle, green Chinese onion, water each 150 grams, spinach, smooth stay of proceedings each 100 grams, wax gourd 300 grams, bone of chicken, pork chop, pig bone each 500 grams, laojiang 25 grams, gallinaceous breast flesh 75 grams, pig clean lean lean 100 grams, salt 5 grams, gourmet powder 2 grams, cooking wine 20 grams, pepper 2 grams.


A. Make bittern: Discharge chicken, pig bone, pig bone abluent, after water crossing in putting boiled water, full of reoccupy clear water is clean. Put into boiler next, mix into water 3000 grams, burn boil with conflagration boiler first, cast aside go converting after float foam pannikin condole gives little taste. The Xian Shang that 300 grams condole has made bail out is cooling. Beat gallinaceous breast flesh and clean pig lean lean state of fine and soft, use 100 Ke Xianshang break up respectively. Will fresh boiling water irrigates boil on buy fire, next salt, peppery, enter pork fine and soft Shang Zhong first, with divide evenly of gourd ladle agitate, when waiting for float of fleshy fine and soft to go up at noodles in soup, move boiler to small fire to go up, maintain small boil, the fine and soft inside fish out of leakage gourd ladle is used after 5 minutes. Heat boiling water boil again, fine and soft issueing chicken at Shang Zhong, with divide evenly of gourd ladle agitate, float of the fine and soft that need chicken after noodles in soup, move boiler to small fire to go up, maintain small boil, squash gallinaceous fine and soft again, continue to be made in Shang Zhongao. Scoop up gallinaceous fine and soft next, pour boiling water into chaffy dish, put gourmet powder, on buy fire.

B. With makings treatment: Wool abdomen is abluent, rip go muscle film, leave paragraph, case piece, ji straightens, water floats. Bleb of bovine annulus larynx, rip film, ji is beautiful, leave. Sth resembling a net of muscle of sidewards of beef, pork leaves a sword. Want piece big and thin, cannot have even the knife. Duck bowel is kneaded repeatedly with salt, go clean mucous, clean repeatedly with water, break up to have oily one side, the chopsticks that use bamboo will be oily raze, iron quickly into boiled water, fish out section is stand-by. Luncheon meat section. Duck palm is abluent, go thick skin. Wax gourd flay, proglottis. All sorts of vegetable are abluent, drop does water, the code is neat. Above all sorts of using makings and condiment are loaded respectively dish in, put in chaffy dish all around.
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