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Special the making kind that serves a family cold boiler fish
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Domestic type [cold boiler fish] burden and operation

Material need: Valve of beans of county of essence of ginger, green, garlic, white sugar, salt, chicken, Pi (had better be a supermarket in bought in bags cuckoo city shop sign) , piscine condiment a packet (there are a lot of kinds in the supermarket: Fish of what cold boiler, spring fish, hemp hot fish is waited a moment about the same) , bighead (according to eater how many oneself are looked at do, you had better be helped be cut in what let sell a fish in the market piece)

Operation: The fish adds a few the seed powder of Gorgon euryale, wine, peppery souse. Oily (slightly many bits of ability is delicious) burn hot valve of beans of county of next green, garlic, Chinese prickly ash, Pi condiment of a few of half bag, candy, fish one bag, salt is right amount break up fry golden color, add right amount water to endure the fine that add chicken, yu Xiaohuo is thoroughlied cook below turn over a basin, scatter on green paragraph, celery paragraph with respect to Ok. Those who eat particularly hotly is OK and additional reoccupy oil is right amount, burn ripe hind next Gan Haijiao, dry Chinese prickly ash are fried sweet (not introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad) it is good on the fish to drench.