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How to assure the consistency of chaffy dish quality
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For delicate to a few chaffy dish hunter, this is very crucial, the chaffy dish taste that has to every time is abhorrent, time grew to did not want to go. The consistency that how maintains chaffy dish quality is relevant and important to the long evolution of chaffy dish inn, special also to the development that chaffy dish interlinks important. We offer reference through providing the following fields to the understanding that chaffy dish flavors, draw lessons from!

One, maintain burden consistency

Good as what can eat same chaffy dish flavor to comparative every time, the burden that carries consistency is quite crucial, the gust that also assures end of each boiler boiler, mouthfeel, fragrance, aftertaste is consistent, cannot realize even locksmith gust to basically reflect consistently to a few chaffy dish in following a few respects:

1, the variety that place of chili, Chinese prickly ash uses is different, cause the distinction with hemp hot very big gust so, wait as a result of the sort of chili and Chinese prickly ash, grade, producing area, the crown of the year abhorrent and the hemp piquancy that produces is abhorrent. So, it is quite important to choose chili, Chinese prickly ash to maintain character consistency as far as possible.

2, the consistency of the compound flavoring such as pink of gallinaceous essence, gourmet powder, chicken, the raw material that assures to use agrees to just can realize burden agree, the burden that just can realize each boiler is same.

3, the accord of the raw material such as Chi of fabaceous valve, beans, also be the one part raw material that assures consistency of chaffy dish quality.

4, other sweet laborious makings and its complementary makings also should maintain consistency, wait like garlic, green Chinese onion, Huang Jiang maintain quality to agree.

5, edible grease (bovine oil, rape oil) must maintain consistency, otherwise gust differs very big.

6, chaffy dish is special flavor maintains consistency, the chaffy dish that consumer approbates gust adds pink of balm, soup-stock to wait or other core flesh is sweet cannot change at will. The raw material with these sweet flesh although dosage is small, but effect is quite big, make a change a bit, special to the impact of extent of be fond of of consumer big.

7, the use model such as essence of essence of red, chili, Chinese prickly ash, brand should not make chili fluctuant.

Maintain all at chaffy dish using that flavor the burden consistency of raw material is to make sure consistency of chaffy dish quality is the basiccest the most essential also requirement, but a few chaffy dish interlinks an enterprise to also be in through changing ceaselessly Yuan Fucai expects this respect pays the tuition fee ceaselessly, this is worth while and thoughtful.

2, the process that make maintains consistency as far as possible

It is quite crucial that chaffy dish makes a process maintain consistency as far as possible, the time that includes to make, temperature, firepower, oil is lukewarm, heat means want a consideration, these elements all can affect the taste of chaffy dish, the control that any nods is abhorrent, all make likely different olfactory chaffy dish, also a few famous chaffy dish interlink an enterprise to be paid attention to very much this. The scale that uses oil, quality, sort also can change the taste of chaffy dish greatly, the way that heats to its makes its fragrance different also, the gust that if use bright internal heat,heating means makes and the local color that use production of boiler of steam, interlining are different, the local color that uses the means such as natural gas, gas, liquid gas, conduction oil to heat also is distinguished somewhat. The process that make is very crucial, carry out a proof: Use bowl of bright fire, iron to heat the taste of chaffy dish footing that means makes is best. Because industrialized traditional food machines the rapid development of course of study, the makings of automation chaffy dish that natural gas heats makes consummate be current development trend, like wanting to maintain the consistency of the process that make of treatment to be able to realize chaffy dish to taste only. Be like: What the chili that the dip that heat up oil passes and trashy heat oily dip pass is abhorrent, what has immersed chili and dry chili make is different, the grain size that Chinese prickly ash machines is influential also to flavour, the size that garlic, Jiang Jia is versed in is influential also to the flavour of chaffy dish, the volume that Chi of fabaceous valve, beans processes is influential also to the flavour of chaffy dish, fabaceous valve fries the time that make, temperature, duration the influence is very crucial also.
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